Repair times

The listed repair times on the website are a reference. Depending on how busy it is, the repair time may still increase slightly. Please show your understanding for this.

Repair Repair times
How do I bring a device into a physical store for warranty repair?

You can visit 1 of our physical stores found through this link: 


! Pay attention, not in every shop a repair can be done immediately on the spot, please read the explanation for every shop !

If possible, make an appointment via the online calendar so that we can help you right away. And solve your problem on the spot.

Make sure you bring your proof of purchase so we can check the warranty (if you no longer have it, we can also look it up at our store. But this leads to a longer waiting time. )


How do I return an order or defective device? (Within warranty)
  1. If you wish to return an order consisting of accessories or covers to cancel your order, simply follow the steps in this link
  2. If you wish to return an iPhone or iPad, it is necessary to erase the device first. In case of an iPhone or iPad you can find this under: settings, general, reset, erase all content and settings. (If this is not possible, please also mention this in the shipment.) Make sure you have a backup yourself so you do not lose any data. Also state clearly that it is an exchange, repair or cancellation! Then follow all the steps via this link.                                                                                                                  
  3. If it concerns a Macbook/iMac/Mac Mini, it is only necessary to log out of the iCloud. You can find this under settings, Apple id, overview, log out. In this case, also make sure to backup your data yourself. And delete all files/documents. Attention, this is entirely your own responsibility. iRepairshop cannot be held responsible for documents that have not been deleted from the device. Also clearly mention that it is an exchange, repair or cancellation! Afterwards follow all the steps via this link.


Your shipment will be replaced/repaired within 2 working days. Or if you choose to cancel, the refund will be made within 5 working days of receipt.


Warranty Repair
How do I send a device for repair? (Out of warranty)
  1. Make your own backup or backup of your data so you don't lose data.
  2. Follow the steps in this link.

Your device will be restored within 3 business days.

Can I pay with eco-checks/consumption vouchers?


Allows you to purchase all appliances that are "refurbished". Eco-vouchers cannot be used on new devices, or accessories. You can only use the eco-vouchers physically in our sales locations (Gentsesteenweg 283 Zele, Markt 52 Zele, Gentse Steenweg 6 Lokeren). So not in the online webshop, or other sales partner on our website where they are not accepted.

Consumption vouchers:

With these you can make purchases from the entire range. You can only use the consumption vouchers physically in our sales locations (Gentsesteenweg 283 Zele, Markt 52 Zele AND Gentse Steenweg 6 Lokeren). So not in the online webshop, or other sales partner on our website where they are not accepted.





Payment methods Eco-checks / Consumption voucher
Discounts on large purchases?

Are you planning a large purchase of multiple devices? Then contact us first at helpdesk@irepairshop.be.

This way we can offer you a customized price according to the size of your order.

Will I receive an invoice of the purchase?

You will always receive an invoice with every purchase clearly showing the purchase date for any warranty.

Companies will also always receive the invoice stating their VAT number.

Invoice Warranty
Delivery and Shipping

All shipments are made by DPD insured shipping. Shipping costs are €7 for orders under €50. From €50, shipping is completely free.

Delivery time within Belgium is 1-2 working days, for foreign countries 3-4 working days.

You always receive a track and trace number with every order so you can follow the package.