What type of iMac should I choose? A Refurbished iMac or a new one? Do you desire a budget device? Or rather a high-end model?

We are here to help you make your choice.

Are you looking for an all-round device that should serve mainly for "home" "garden" "kitchen" use? In other words, the everyday things such as Internet, typing a letter, saving photos, then you can best opt for an iMac 21inch. An I5 processor, 8Gb Ram and an ordinary hard disk is then sufficient. Basically, all models on the webshop below for you are certainly applicable for these purposes. If you want a larger screen, you can choose a 27inch model. Note that these are usually slightly more expensive and have better specifications that you will not necessarily need.

Are you looking for a device that is mainly for professional use, Photoshop, drawing programs, programming? Or do you simply desire a device with very high computing power and speed? Then opt for an iMac 27inch. An I7 processor, at least 16gb ram and a hard drive built as an SSD, or a Fusion drive. So you can be sure of sufficient speed, and you can work fast without worries. Do you still wish for a smaller screen? Then opt for a 21inch. But also definitely equipped with an I7 processor, 16gb ram or more, and an SSD or Fusion drive.

Reviews on Google

  • Antoine van peteghem

    Antoine van peteghem

    12 June 2024
    Vlotte service en heel goede uitleg over gebruik toestel en nemen de tijd installeren naar u wens
  • de beer jan

    de beer jan

    9 June 2024
  • Alex Penders

    Alex Penders

    9 June 2024
  • Claus V.

    Claus V.

    8 June 2024
    Zéér behulpzaam en professioneel.
    Jullie nemen je tijd voor de klanten en je voelt je hier thuis. Hier kom ik zeker nog terug...Chapeau!
  • Marie Porrez

    Marie Porrez

    17 May 2024
    Verschillende aankopen bij iRepairshop reeds gedaan en telkens erg tevreden! Goede kwaliteit en steeds stipte leveringen!