Which type of Macbook should I choose? A Refurbished Macbook or a new one? Do you desire a budget device? Or rather a high-end model?

We're here to help you decide.

Are you looking for an all-round device that has to work a lot on the road? A device that works smoothly, but does not have to serve for heavy operations such as Photoshop, video editing or drawing programs? Then opt for a Macbook air. This device is suitable for everyday use, and is within everyone's budget. 

Are you looking for a device that should serve mainly for professional use, Photoshop, drawing programs, programming? Or do you simply wish for a device with very high computing power and speed? Then opt for a Macbook Pro.




MacBook Pro

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MacBook Air

39 models in stock

Macbook 12inch

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Reviews on Google

  • Filip V L

    Filip V L

    3 February 2024
    Was eventjes aanschuiven, maar nadien heel goed en met kennis van zaken geholpen geweest
  • Toon Maertens

    Toon Maertens

    16 January 2024
    zeer vlotte herstelling van het toetsenbord ;
    Heel zeker aanbevelenswaardige Repairshop!
    Ik kom er terug voor herstel en aankopen.
  • Viktor Beckwée

    Viktor Beckwée

    15 January 2024
    Super service! USB-C poort gaf storing. Op 1 uur vervangen. Zeker aan te raden!
  • Luc Hulpiau

    Luc Hulpiau

    15 January 2024
    Super mensen goede service
  • patrick drieghe

    patrick drieghe

    15 January 2024