Initial rumors surrounding the release of the new iPhone 15 series.

D-Day! Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2023 at 7 p.m., the new iPhone 15 series will be introduced.
iPhone 15

One more week of patience and then we will know with certainty what the new release of the iphone 15(Plus) / 15Pro and 15 Pro Max holds! Next week the annual Apple event will take place where we will learn all about the iPhone 15 and sub-models. The actual sales will start on September 22.

For those who cannot wait until next week, we have already listed the most important rumors below.

  • There will be 4 models released: iPhone 15 / 15plus / 15pro / 15promax
  • Bye bye black notch at the top of your device, rumors circulate that the screen will be fully utilized on each model. We will find a "Dynamic Island" on all models, not just on the more expensive models like last year.
  • The Pro models will have more screen features, such as the "always on" mode that allows you to always see your notifications at a glance.
  • Bright new colors such as green, blue, pink,... but also spacegrey, silver, titanium gray,...
  • Beautiful rounded corners, which provide a better grip.
  • Each device is now equipped with a USB-C charging port to the latest EU standards. The "higher" the model, the higher the charging speed.
  • The Pro models their old "ring" button is replaced by an "action" button. In the settings you can choose which functions will be linked to this, handy right?
  • The 15 Pro Max will have a significantly better camera! This is due to the periscope lens that can zoom in 5 to 6x. The smaller Pro models will reportedly not have this advantage because there is simply not enough room in the housing to provide this camera.
  • The new A-17 chip will only be present in the new Pro models. This will make these devices faster and consume less power. The other models run on the now widely known A-16 chip.
  • A more precise location determination by the U2 chip.
  • Rumors are circulating that this release means the end for the classic SIM card as we know it today. Will there only be the possibility of using an e-SIM?


We are already curious and will be front row watching the Apple event next Friday!