An old iPhone, iPad or Macbook? Don't throw it away!

Don't let your old Apple devices rot away! And bring it in to us for a correct value!
oude iPhone

Do you still have an old iPhone, iPad or Macbook in your drawer?  Don't throw it away! iRepairshop can take over your old device when you buy a new one! 

Many of us surely still have an old iPhone or iPad lying around in our closet that is no longer in use. Kept to use as a spare device? Or simply forgotten about? Don't leave it lying around, and come trade in your device with us!

Did you know that a device left in the drawer with a dead battery is usually defective after 3-6 months? So leaving it lying around as a "backup" device is not very smart. 

Did you know that most devices left in your drawer will probably no longer be up-to-date when you effectively need it as a replacement device? This is because the software is no longer compatible with the backup of your new device?

So don't hesitate! Bring in your old device to us, and receive a correct acquisition price that you can find here. We can deduct the value of the device from a purchase with us. The takeover value can be used in the entire range of our webshop. So both for all devices, and all accessories.